What does a great TV commercial mean for you?

It’s simple – many of you can answer – after all, everyone knows about advertising and can judge it. Or so he thinks. For most people, this assessment is primarily whether they liked the ad, attracted the viewers’ attention, or something out of it stuck in our memory. And in most cases, it is, unfortunately, a negative opinion …

But the more difficult question will be: why did you not like this ad? Or even – what would you change in it to make this advertisement better, more interesting, distinctive among others? This is where the less intuitive and more technical elements come into play – how well was this advertisement shot, how interesting is the story presented in it, what emotions did we move, for how long does the music or the jingle from it stay in our minds?

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Is a good advertising film meant just to please? Or does it also have to sell?

In fact, a good commercial is the one that meets its purpose – it shows the values important for a given brand, educates the target group, builds interest in a specific product or service, for example by making customers aware of what needs it can satisfy. It reminds us about the product used in the past. It responds to the aspirational desire to present one’s high social status or confirm professional successes with the same products as exemplary heroes (f.e. a footballer, model, or influencer).

Therefore, a commercial spot may build the image of the company or its services, increase sales of the offered services by communicating a price promotion, encourage people to try a new product, or promote desired behaviours, such as a healthy lifestyle.

Who is our ideal spectator?

A good advertisement should, of course, be understandable, that is, speaking the language and responding to the needs of the target group. And they can be the company’s clients as well as its employees, investors, or the local community. It is easy to recall the artificial-sounding and exaggerated advertising spots targeted at a particularly demanding group of clients – teenagers. It can also strongly attract attention through situations or context understandable only to our selected group. And thereby produce the intended commercial effect.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And how many pictures, moving ones 😉, will we see in 30 seconds long advertisements on YouTube or TV? Even 750!!! Therefore, a video material, even the 6-second one on Facebook, can convey the company’s message to customers infinitely stronger and more effectively! And to confirm how memorable it can be are the examples of many specific words or phrases from advertisements introduced into everyday language “Mow the lawn”, “I’m on the horse”, or “Wassup”.

Now imagine how big customer engagement can be triggered by an interactive 3D augmented reality hologram! Unimaginable!

Production house – an essential link in creating a great advertising film!

So, a good advertisement can be beautiful, funny, or scary, but it should always be interesting and extraordinary. However, it must always be well planned, well-produced, and suited to the selected medium – widescreen epic film for television or cinema, intriguing 3D animation for YouTube, or reportage-like clip for Instagram/ TikTok with a vertical frame. Customers do not pay attention to these elements, as long as they are of high quality. This is where the production house comes into play – preparing a great advertising spot or an animation for the digital campaign. Usually, it starts its work based on an advertisement script or a drawn storyboard or even tested animatic (a trial version of the ad tested on a selected group of clients). He coordinates casting of actors, selection of music, locations, proceeds with shooting, and prepares digital effects or additional graphics. Until the last stage of post-production (selection of shots, transitions between them, sound synchronization, colourization, special effects), a good production house works professionally and creatively with the client and the advertising agency.

What is a final result of a great advertisement?

The results of such cooperation are breathtaking and unforgettable advertising films and unique emotions experienced by viewers while watching them. Emotions that customers associate with the brand and its products long after their contact with the advertising spots. So much so that they liked them on Facebook or YouTube and mention them to their friends. Such a great commercial can even deserve marketing awards!

That is why at M8 Production House our slogan is “Show your value to the world!” We love to create memorable advertising projects that delight our customers and viewers and bring companies tangible commercial results!

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Thank you for reading and I would like to invite you to cooperate with our creative team. 

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