Original forms of advertising – spherical films, timelapse and animated explainer

Spherical film in 360 degree, timelapse and animated explainer

Nowadays, with the development of technology, new ways of advertising the company, its products and services are emerging. As the media is a kind of “place” to attract the highest number of potential customers, they are used to create new ads. The advertisements may have forms of usual short spots, 3D animations or corporate films. Currently, one of the most exciting forms of advertising is an explainer video, a 360 (spherical) film and a timelapse film. What characterizes them?

Animated explainer

The explainer video is the name of a short film that can take on various forms. Its primary purpose is to use business, that is, to increase sales of products and services, to arouse interest in a company or products among potential customers or to build awareness of what a product is. The business areas in which the video explainer is applied are primarily HR, PR, marketing and regular sales. In most cases, this type of film takes the form of a short presentation of the start-up or business process. It is one of the most effective ways of advertising.

Timelapse technique

The time-lapse film is another modern advertising method. This technique is known to most people who do not even realize that they have already seen a film of this type in the form of shots with fast moving clouds and night changing during the day. This interval-based frame-by-frame technique is primarily about adequately capturing the image at regular intervals. The intervals can last every second, thanks to which the photos later mounted in the film are released as several dozens of frames per second. As with the explainer video, time-lapse films can take on a variety of forms. It all depends on individual creativity and customer requirements.

360 ° (spherical) films

Virtual reality technology is one of the best-known methods of advertising. Both VR movies and 360 ° films enjoy great interest among customers and improve sales rates. These types of films can also take various forms – for example, a reportage, an advertising spot or visualization or 3D animation. All these methods are an excellent method of advertising for companies specializing in various fields. This is because, thanks to 360-degree videos, you can create extremely creative marketing campaigns and show the company’s products to customers in an entirely new light. These types of films can also be a good way of presenting the company’s interior or presenting the most important events that took place during the operation of the corporation. 360 ° films enjoy a particular interest among architects, developers, travel agencies and large marketing companies.

In summary, among the forms of advertising can be distinguished by a different solution, and one of the most modern in today’s world are 360° films, time-lapse and animated explainer. Each of them has its advantages and is suitable for use in various areas of life. Such forms of advertising are very positively perceived on the market and often affect a significant increase in the sales ratio.

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