360° films (VR) – why are they gaining popularity?

Technology is developing very dynamically – today at every step we are dealing with innovations that allow us to function better in reality. In response to the needs of the market, amazing tools have been developed, thanks to which it is easier to reach a much wider group of customers and to engage their senses even more. The production of personalized films adapted to the needs of a given enterprise has ceased to be complicated. Both amateurs and professionals can now enjoy media visibility guaranteed by, among others, increasingly popular 360° (spherical) films using virtual reality (VR) technology. In the following article, we will focus on this new form of advertising.

360° (spherical) films are created thanks to VR (virtual reality) technology, which is increasingly present in our lives. Special glasses (VR goggles) allow you to convey content excitingly and engagingly, reaching better primarily to younger generations. A professional production house prepares original spherical films for its clients, based on VR technology, thanks to which it is possible to show products and services in a completely different light and from a different perspective, in which the main character of the action becomes the person watching such a film. This gives a broader scope for display for people from marketing and sales departments who can design amazing and engaging concepts for film productions in VR technology. This type of technology is not yet widely used, which is why it is even more profitable to decide to create output using it.

Spherical productions are also an excellent medium of substantive information and can be used to conduct a training (e.g. in the field of health and safety), introduce new employees to the organization, and to present them with accessible and good practices in the organization. This form of communication is not enough that it will not be boring – as is the case with regular/compulsory training, but also will have a much higher level of knowledge absorption through better involvement of the target group’s senses.

A successful business strategy should be often ahead of the competition, so it is worth targeting modern technological solutions that will distinguish our company from competing companies. The situation in other countries – where virtual reality (VR) arrived earlier – shows that it is a matter of time before it finds many supporters with us. Probably in a few years, VR glasses (goggles) will become widely available, and virtually everyone will have them in their home – as now TV sets or laptops. Those who invest in the production of 360° (spherical) films will then have a significant competitive advantage, regardless of the industry they deal with.

Going with the times can only be gained. Most industries need to take action to modernize their operations because it helps improve work and reach younger generations interested in technology and accustomed to being surprised. In order not to bypass anyone, you need to contact a broad audience, for this purpose, a 360° (spherical) film will certainly work great. Every entrepreneur or expert on communication and marketing of his brand – who looks boldly into the future – should be interested in this form of advertising.

However, an example of such a spherical production (with the additional use of a specialized drone) can be an advertising spot made for the Ministry of National Defense (MON), which we have prepared in the “flat” form for display on television, cinemas and the Internet:

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Mateusz Bereziewicz

Experienced Entrepreneur, CEO and Mentor. Education gained among others in the Cracow University of Economics, School of Economics in Warsaw, the National School of Music in clarinet and Universal Studios. Passionate about film production, diplomacy, negotiation and communication in foreign trade. Specialized in strategic management of the production house, as well as in negotiations with key business partners.