Advertising is a trade lever

Even small successes can be turned into something big if you only know how to act appropriately. Publicizing your company’s achievements is very important – a broad, exciting order made once will not be enough if we do not get any benefits from it. In business, the key is to advertise your achievements and present them in the right form outside, so that they make good advertising for the company – this is why many companies decide to use production houses, which can significantly contribute to publicizing the company’s successes and significantly increasing income. As the saying goes – “advertising is the leverage of trade”, and in fact, it is also…

Corporate videos as a method of effective advertising

The benefits of good advertising can be unimaginable, and you need to entrust the task to real experts in your field. An animation studio can prepare high-quality, engaging the audience’s attention – animated explainers, and specialized production houses will design and produce high-quality, creative corporate films that will attract attention and direct the potential customer or ideal employee to the company. There are many opportunities to promote your enterprise, and it is worth using the most engaging forms. Participation in fairs, website, leaflets – all these are precious aids and support for advertising activities, but in the era of the 21st century and the ubiquitous Internet, as well as the current COVID-19 pandemic – more, should be reached. Video production has much more tangible benefits. Most potential recipients today use the Internet or television, attractive advertising visible in the media will contribute to the fact that a vast crowd of people will notice us. A well-prepared advertising spot will tell about the company’s successes subtly, while the scenario prepared by marketing experts will make the advertisement target a specific group of people. The key here is that film production uses the language of the potential recipient. In the advertising spot, therefore, a specially selected language (verbal and non-verbal) appears – close to people interested in a given industry or issue. In this way, we optimally communicate with the recipient – engaging all possible senses, as well as influencing their purchasing processes and decisions made. These types of elements are always taken into account by good production houses, so it is worth involving specialized entities in the production process, i.e. a production house and an advertising agency.

Professional advertising is the foundation of business success today. The combination of an attractive visual message with excellent online visibility is currently the most effective way to present the values of your company correctly. Most large companies advertise in the media using short but concise and engaging ads. It is thanks to this that you can achieve success by encouraging potential customers to pay attention to the activity we do – it brings immeasurable benefits.

An example of such advertising production may be an advertising spot made for the corporation T-Systems and T-Mobile in the global version with a native speaker, which presents the possibilities of remote work using Microsoft’s tools – Office 365:

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Mateusz Bereziewicz

Experienced Entrepreneur, CEO and Mentor. Education gained among others in the Cracow University of Economics, School of Economics in Warsaw, the National School of Music in clarinet and Universal Studios. Passionate about film production, diplomacy, negotiation and communication in foreign trade. Specialized in strategic management of the production house, as well as in negotiations with key business partners.

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