3D animations – a modern form of advertising

Some time ago, 3D animations were not as known as they are now. Virtual characters, vehicles and nature were rather exceptions when it came to advertising spots or other forms of advertising. Currently, they appear more and more often, which arouses more and more interest of recipients. However, is it really such an excellent form of advertising and is it worth using?

More than one company that values ​​original solutions nowadays uses this type of technology. This is mainly because this is a new advertising technique that is far from traditional spots and movies that can be seen on television or the Internet. Therefore, this unusual method is something that arouses interest, stands out from others, and thus also affects sales indicators.

Animated ads can be divided into several types – 2D, 2.5D and 3D animations. They differ from each other in the way they represent reality, which can appear in two-dimensional or three-dimensional form, as the names indicate. Currently, among all the possibilities offered by 3D animations, the most popular is the use of 3D characters in virtual advertisements. They are created with particular attention to the entire marketing campaign of the client, which means that most often, the characters’ animations are based on the mascot or theme that a given company already has. An appropriate animation studio, such as ours, ensures that the spot is intended for a given age group, according to the client’s requirements. Currently created animations are used in a variety of ways, and the resulting characters and surroundings appearing in the spots are original and differ significantly from previous production house designs. Regardless of whether 3D animation is a short film or an ordinary avatar, it always affects the customer and improves the sales ratio. This is a form of advertising that is remembered by everyone and makes the company stand out from the competition.

However, it is worth mentioning that the process of creating the entire ad in the form of 3D animation is time-consuming. It can take from a month to two, depending on the complexity of the character sketch and the entire animation scenery. For some, it can be a disadvantage that you have to wait so long, but everything takes time, and devoting more of it to creating animation can only positively affect the final result. A 3D animation is a form of advertising that is not as widespread on the market yet, but more and more companies are choosing to create avatars and unique spots due to many advantages.

Below you can see what the individual parts of 3D animation design look like:

However, an example of such animation can be an 8-second sponsor billboard made for Aflofarm S.A. and their product Travisto for display on television:

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