BRIEF – explores preferences of a B2B client


in the film production is a short form that defines a set of simple questions. It mainly examines the preferences of the client to avoid asymmetry of information and to perform the tailor-made production of the highest quality.

In M8 Production House Ltd BRIEF solves several issues simultaneously: Production Manager learns the essence of the order and plans activities this basis. However, the client clearly indicates his needs and elements he would like to avoid. Thanks to the latter, both sides understand exactly what audiovisual product should be performed.

Different clients have different expectations, so it is essential for the Production Manager, at least in general categories, to understand what the purpose the client wants to achieve. At first glance, it seems that BRIEF causes delays and complicates the process, however, from our experience, it takes a maximum of 15 minutes to complete BRIEF and allows getting comprehensive knowledge about client’s preferences.

The advantages of BRIEF:

1) Even before starting the cooperation, the client knows what the result will be achieved.
2) The client understands the production process: he observes what is vital from the point of view of production.
3) The client is not distracted by additional questions from our side.
4) The client receives the expected result tailored to his needs.

How to fill BRIEF in M8 Production House Ltd?

Let me show You around it. The first question is – Who are You? (In short, give: Your contact details, as the person responsible for completing this form and the name of the company you represent).

Type of the project? We have three departments of services. We create high-quality films, 2D / 3D animations and Content VR for the needs of television, Internet, cinemas and all multimedia units. Then, choose the type of a project in which You are interested in, or the one You previously discussed with the New Business Manager or other person representing M8 Production House Ltd.

The next question is – What do you do? Here You can add a short description of your company’s activity. Specify what exactly does it do, what does it offer to its clients, in which industry does operate? Are You newcomers or have You been in the market for a long time? What are the principles guiding your actions?

Goals? Where do you want to present your film/animation? What goals do you want to achieve thanks to it?

Your target audience? Who are Your clients, what people are they and what is it about them? Try to determine their sex, age, education, personality, lifestyle, even district of residence, etc.

Your image? Try to find a few keywords that will reflect the company’s image. Think about words such as fresh, reliable, innovative, courageous, professional, etc.

Competitors? What distinguishes Your company from the competition? Who is a leader in the industry (in the country / in the world)? Is there something that you particularly like in the image of someone from the competition?

Expectations? This is one of the most critical issues for us. Put here all the details You would like to see in the project. It is also worth adding examples that are an excellent inspiration to You.

What do You want to avoid? List all the things You do not want to have in the project.

Upload files Send all the materials that will be helpful while creating the project.

Start: The date when You would like us to start the production process.

Deadline: The date when You would like to start using the product. If you do not have a deadline, you can also let us know about this.

In the end, we have such items as the Expected budget and the Way you learned about M8 Production House Ltd.

The primary goal of BRIEF is to determine the proper use of the final product: who and why offers this product, to whom it is directed, what is the best time to deliver it, and what establishes the highest value of the product. Sometimes, even without BRIEF, you can design effective advertising. There are exceptions to each rule. Instead of counting on an accident, we propose a more professional solution for your company and spending a bit of time to complete our form.

The link to BRIEF is here: BRIEF – just click the button 🙂

Thank you for reading this article and I remain at your disposal.

I am open for help and support.


Oleksandr Mykhailov
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Oleksandr Mykhailov

Oleksandr finished international business manegment at Warsaw School of Economics. He has got a lot of different carrier's experience while working for polish and abroad companies like EBDF S.A., GAMA LLC and Kelmi LLC. Happy business client is what makes Oleksandr happy. He requires mutual trust and he is not only advisor but also partner for his clients.