Advertising spots for sales support

Advertising spots for sales support

For your company to be successful and stable you need to have motivated and professional employees and reliable partners who want to work with you. For these people and companies to want to cooperate with you and continue to assist you, you need to build a unique value for them. For employees, the value may consist of elements such as a young team, a stylish office, the possibility of development along with the growth of the company, participation in ambitious projects, as well as cash prizes. For partners it can be entering new markets, the opportunity to work with a professional team, facilitating the product sales process and much more. The interested market participants should be informed about the possibility of obtaining such a value.

How can a business tell about itself?

  • Waiting for the good news about you or your company just breaks up spontaneously – it’s a reliable way, but very slow and unstable.
  • Telling everyone, if possible, about your business. Inviting the office and participating in various business meetings is also a good idea, but it prevents communication with a large number of people at the same time.
  • Participating in industry events and their organisation, which allows, among other things, to inform about the company’s operations. A great idea, but it requires many resources.
  • Another reasonable idea is to order a professional film with a presentation that everyone with access to the Internet can watch simultaneously.

With proper planning and implementation, a spot or film will tell you about everything that has value for its recipients. Moreover, most importantly, it will create a new experience, the effect of presence and empathy, which is achieved thanks to appropriate techniques. At the same time, the video can have several target audiences. It is quite realistic to create a film that will influence decision making and buying, as well as getting a job in the company or becoming a partner. For example, by communicating that your company performs complex projects, it may mean that you can meet your obligations, for partners, that you work with strict budgets and high standards, and for employees that you will offer them exciting work and fulfilment in the professional sphere of life.

We invite you to watch an example advertising spot, which we have prepared for Concept4Soccer:

The idea is to pass the value information correctly and speak the same language as our recipients. Therefore, instead of having a dry message, viewers will get emotional experience that will help them convince you.

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